Our Story

     A decade ago, while cleaning up downed macadamia nut trees felled by a windstorm, the unwelcome sound

of a bulldozer in proximity was heard. Although it turned out to be approaching our property line, it could not be seen but was obviously slowly approaching over a 3-4 day period. When it arrived a beautiful view of the coastline with the City of Refuge below became apparent. As it turned out the area was so overgrown that it could not be located adequately to sell the lease. So as I helped the bulldozer driver and realtor find the corner pin I got the story and could not believe how perfect the 10 acres was for a new farm. Manual labor over a two year period established over 4000 young healthy trees which are just coming into the prime of their productive years. A very localized micro climate which includes cheerful sunny mornings and a beautiful tropical rain almost every afternoon has been a blessing for everyone.

Our Passion

We take meticulous care every step of the way. At times this gets outright painful culling out beans which aren’t up to our high standards but the end result is a product we are very proud of. We also take pride in personal prompt customer service with a 100%  satisfaction guarantee.

Our Goal

Expert “cuppers” have commented on the fact that it has almost no bitterness but a full bodied taste.  Of course it is always a matter of individual taste. However, one thing that has been repeatedly documented to be meaningful is freshness. Since we roast in small increments (10 lbs.or less), we have no need to roast large quantities then wait for an order to come in. We don’t roast it until you order it.  The coffee is always shipped within 24 hours of being roasted so is more fresh than anything one could ever get in a grocery store. Also the step of getting it to the mainland is more direct than one could accomplish any other way so this is as good as it gets !

Our Coffee

In an ideal world many of our customers have visited Hawaii and we hope to “re-evoke” the memory of a visit here with every cup. For those  who have not been here we want to provide the opportunity to get “a little piece of paradise” each and every day.